Free media

“An open discussion within society cannot exist without a free media. The media helps to cultivate the public space in which we operate. Journalists and their employers must be allowed to think critically, and must be free from manipulation. As a natural corollary, media should avoid one-sided or simplistic interpretations of the world around us. These precepts guide our education programs for journalists.” Zdenek Bakala

The international program Journey, arranged by the Bakala Foundation, provides an opportunity for young journalists from all around the world to meet in person the elite of world media and press agencies and, most importantly, to learn the skills of gathering and analysing data, investigating leads, compiling written and audio-visual reports, and presenting original content online. The three-month Achilles’ Data course is designed for teams of journalism and media studies students. The aim is to acquaint participants with the essential instruments, current trends and methods of in-depth journalism in contexts that will be useful to them in their subsequent careers.

Zdenek Bakala is the owner of media house Economia renowned for its editorial independence and top-quality journalism. Michaela Bakala is Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Economia.

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