“Our world needs value-based leaders as well as platform for open discussion over current phenomena and issues in the society. The Central European branch of the US-based Aspen Institute provides space for anyone irrespective to their political or professional affiliations.” Michaela Bakala

In 2012, Michaela and Zdenek Bakala participated in founding the first Central Europe branch of the Aspen Institute. They serve as its key partners. Focused on supporting and educating young leaders on their journey of further development through responsible strategic thinking, Aspen Institute Central Europe annually holds dozens of discussions with invited professional experts as well as debating occasions which are open to the public at both the national and international levels. Aspen Institute CE also initiated an annual study accompanied by a conference, which both aim to provide a complex overview of the political, economic and social development of the Central European region in a long-term perspective.

Michaela and Zdenek also directly support various leadership activities around the world.

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